Lectionary Readings for this Week

First Reading 2 Samuel 7:1-16

Second Reading Ephesians 2:11-22

Gospel Reading Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

Come worship with us Sunday at 10:45am

We continue a summer series lifting up characters from the Old Testament. Some were heroes of the faith, some were villains, all of them have things to teach us about living our lives in the Will of God. I hope you are inspired anew and perhaps warned away from some of humanities most famous failings. This week we continue with the life of David. He has finally become King of Israel, set up his capital in Jerusalem – including bring the Ark of the Covenant there. Now he proposes to build a temple for the Ark, but God has something different in mind and wonderful for us as well – an eternal kingdom ruled by a son of David – Christ our Lord!

Sermon “God To David: Who Will Build a House for Whom?” Pastor Mark Southard

Summer Sermon Series

This week we are beginning what I plan to be a series of character sketches inspired by the names and stories in our semi-continuous Old Testament readings throughout the summer. Names and complicated leaders like David and Solomon, villains like Absalom and Goliath. Folks in very difficult situations like Johnathon and Bathsheba and Nathan the prophet. We’ll talk about true wisdom and true humility and the providence of God, we will even visit a bit with Queen Ester and sit with Job as he tries to understand his situation.

Some of these folks were heroes of the the faith, leaders of their time, some were sadly mistaken about some very important things, some played the role of villain, all were very human and absolutely none were perfect. All had potential, all had failings and flaws. In short they were very much like folks today and they have much to teach us, if we have the courage and humility to look closely and learn. It is one of the marvels of scripture that the sovereign will of God is carried out by such imperfect men and women, yet it has always been so and will always be until Christ returns to restore all things. I hope this series will entertain, inspire and challenge us to look for God’s leading no matter the circumstance.

I hope you will join us for as many installments as you can.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mark

Bible Study: Gospel of Matthew

Join us at 6:30pm each Wednesday as we journey through the Gospel of Matthew. We meet in the Fellowship hall or you may join in the discussion live online via Zoom. This study is open to all, simply drop on by or drop us a note at info@fpcnewkirk.org and ask to be added to the Zoom invitation list. Each week we read through a chapter or portion of a chapter, and study verse by verse, tracing the connections to other parts of scripture and pondering what these ancient words, inspired by the Holy Spirit, have to say to us today. I hope you will make time to join us.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mark